Sluagh gun chanain, sluagh gun anam

 people without a language are  people without a soul


I love the language of my ancestors, it carries cultural and political values that I can relate to but cannot extract properly because I belong to  a generation who were denied access to our own language. .My grandmother had irish gaelic as her first language, my Great grandparents on my dads side were native Gaelic speakers from Mull and my wives parents aunts and cousins were native Gaelic speakers. My daughter like me is trying to learn. Its when you begin to look beyond the reasons and look closely  at the context of the loss of language and the myths that it was and is redundant that you see the criminal act perpetrated ,. How the destruction of the language was a brutal and deliberate attempt at colononising a people by eradicating their culture, making a people feel inferior through the loss of culture. The same methods were used as a tool of supression across the British Empire and against aboriginal peoples across the world. For me I can only hint  in gaelic and the word Dealbh (images) is an important word because I seek to expreess myself in images in a way I might not be able to in gaelic , but is a  start in my small contribution to resurgence in the language.