About me


I know that the visual always spoke and meant more to me more to me than text. I think in pictures. My first exhibition ‘Postcards from an exhibition’ explored that alternative way of seeing and the potential of and negatives of hidden disability. ‘Borders’ explored the imagination and unexpected consequences of real and virtual borders and barriers. It also explored the actual crossover points between alternative realities, either the potential mirror reality or the infinite reflection, alternative realities and the straightforward. and simple simple barriers that separate.

I am interested in contemporary art photography which is a way for me to express ideasand to come to terms with myself. I also love photography and all that entails and am available for more commercial work I believe the creativity that feeds into the fine art production feed the imagination and stimulates ideas that cam be applied to a range of contexts I have designed book covers era (albeit self published by an Internet author) and a CD for a friend’s first album. I have photographed a number of events as part of my role as a community Development Manager for Community Groups and recently got a commission for a European based project Conference in Elgin, I have also provided shots for a leaflet on fostering for the local Social Work Department.

I available for exhibitions and commissions and if anyone wishes to commission me to produce work or offer me a residency I would be more than delighted to discuss .